Akiko Oishi, a democratic socialist in Japan
Akiko Oishi, a democratic socialist in Japan











維新・横山 37,887当選

公明・かじき 18,716当選

 無所属・大石 13,702落選

Hi, I’m Akiko Oishi.

Having worked for Osaka Prefecture as a civil servant in the prefectural office for 16 years, I have left my position in order to stand for an Osaka prefectural assembly member.

I found the past 16 years very challenging yet rewarding, but somewhat very difficult to move on from. 
However, I found the courage to leave the office in October 2018 to achieve what I really want to do.

So my question is to you: Do you think life of people in society has improved in the last 10 years under the Osaka Ishin party?

Behind the nice words dished out by Osaka Ishin party, there are many unresolved issues which are becoming serious issues.  My aim is tackling those issues.

I truly believe being a female, a mum  and in my 40s will not hold me back from changing our society.
Why don’t you come on board, aid and support positive changes?

Nationwide unified elections are held on 7th of April, 2019.

I will run for the prefectural assembly from Yodogawa-Ward.

→Failed! But I will never give up!

Thank you for taking your time to read.

Curtesy of Sasaki-Samuels


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